Revelar is an Australian business that manufactures chemical spot test reagent kits for the presumptive identification of drugs. We are the first to bring you the Cocaine Tester “Co-Kit Duo” – for presumptive identification of Cocaine (salts or base/crack).

Our highly qualified and experienced Chemists have spent many years researching and developing new products and formulations. We are a leader in specialist packaging solutions for chemical test kits, and are constantly striving for better products.

Our Philosophy

At Revelar we are acutely aware of the deeply paralysing moral and ethical issues surrounding the use of our products and information. We are committed to our stance that our products and services do not promote or facilitate the use of drugs. Rather, they may educate and provide presumptive identification to people about samples that they may find in the field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to market an innovative range of products and services that provide for the presumptive identification of drugs and poisons.


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